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Practice Philosophy

Abundant Life, P.C.'s purpose is to assist clients in experiencing life that is genuinely rich and full. It is the founder's belief that we are created for relationships and our Creator intended for us to experience joy, peace, and purpose daily. Because we live in a world of imperfection, we often struggle personally and relationally and don't consistently experience abundance. The emotional scars left from living in an imperfect world bring struggles and strife to our lives and create obstacles to experiencing fulfillment. Abundant Life, P.C. believes that healing and wholeness can occur even in the midst of the failures and offenses of this broken world. In order for individuals to experience fulfillment, every part of the person must be cared for: mind (thoughts and beliefs), soul (will and emotions), body (physical self), and spirit (connection to a higher power). Even though each of these parts are distinctively different, they work together to effect each persons complete health and wholeness. Abundant Life, P.C. focuses on the mind, soul, and spirit while encouraging clients to also address their physical needs to seek to achieve the highest level of health and wellness possible. Although, Abundant Life, P.C.'s counseling approach is from a biblical, Christian world view, it is always our practice to respect each individuals spiritual beliefs and values. The degree that spirituality is integrated into a client's counseling process is completely determined by the client. Abundant Life, P.C. helps individuals, couples, and families seek emotional health and wholeness by providing counseling that aims to bring deep inner healing to emotional wounds whose sources fall across an individual's lifespan. Likewise, Abundant Life, P.C. provides education and training in life skills intended to enhance daily living. Abundant Life, P.C.'s goal is to be an agent of emotional healing, health and wellness for all who seek it.