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Special Opportunities for Couples


What is a Relationship Recharge session? 

Every relationship benefits from a periodic check in. Parenting, career, family responsibilities, health, and just life in general, impact the vibrancy of relationships. Over time, couple can lose the ability and desire to talk about their relationship.  

A Relationship Recharge session is a 3 hour, customized session designed to assist couples in making their relationship the best that it can be.  Prior to the session, couples will complete an online Prepare Enrich ® assessment which will be used to assist the counselor in customizing the session to specifically meet the couples needs. The session can

 • Reignite companionship, romance, and commitment.
 • Identify areas to work on and improve communication.                                                                
 • Indicate strength and growth areas in your relationship. 
 • Offer an opportunity to set goals and get on the same page.
 • Prioritize your relationship by seeking to make your partnership richer and more satisfying

Your Session Includes:

  •  Prepare Enrich® Assessment (#1 relationship assessment tool) designed  to assess vital areas of the relationship ($35 value) 
  •  Assessment of the current health of your relationship
  •  3 hours of feedback & recommendations from a seasoned, licensed  Marriage Counselor trained as a Prepare Enrich Facilitator
  •  Exercises to improve your communication
  •  Opportunity for goal setting with your partne
  •  Convenient, Saturday scheduling options 


Pricing: $499 per couple


Private PreMarital Counseling Sessions


We believe quality


Counseling is

essential to

creating a strong

foundation for

healthy marriage.





Whether it is a first marriage for a young couple or a second marriage blending a family, there are many important issues that couples need to discuss prior to their wedding day. Likewise, there are some basic communication, listening and conflict resolution skills that can assist couples in building intimacy rather than barriers. Abundant Life, P.C. Counseling Services offers a premarital counseling series that utilizes PREPARE/ENRICH® (the #1 relationship inventory and couples assessment tool) combined with the facilitators' years of wisdom, training in marital counseling, and personal marital experience to create a program designed to deepen couples emotional connection. Each partner in the couple completes an inventory on line that is scored and the results create a profile that is sent directly to the PREPARE/ENRICH® Facilitator.  The facilitator utilizes the couples personalized results to encourage couples to have open discussions while learning important relational skills. Couples can participate in these sessions privately, in several 1 hour sessions, over several weeks or in a few longer sessions.  Scheduling will be customized to meet each couples needs.


Goals of Prepare/Enrich® Program

Couples will participate in exercises to help them:

  • Explore Relationship Strength & Growth Areas
  • Strengthen Communication Skills
  • Identify & Manage Major Stressors
  • Resolve Conflict Effectively
  • Seek More Balance in their Relationship
  • Better Understand Family of Origin Issues
  • Discuss Financial Planning & Budgeting
  • Establish Personal, Couple & Family Goals
  • Understand & Appreciate Personality Differences

In addition to these goals established by the PREPARE/ENRICH® program, couples will also  learn how to increase emotional connection and intimacy through exercises designed from marriage counseling priniciples shared by marriage experts such as John Gottman, Ph.D. (author of “The Seven Principles for Making Marriage Work”), Sue Johnson (author of “Hold Me Tight: Seven Conversations for a Lifetime of Love”), Gary Smalley (author of “The DNA of Relationships”), and Harville Hendrix (author of “Getting the Love You Want”). This program is designed to begin building the strongest foundation possible for a healthy, thriving marriage. The  sessions are led by Deana Riley, M.S., L.P.C., a Licensed Professional Counselor with nearly 30 years of counseling experience. Deana offers rich wisdom, personal marital experience and extensive training and skills to couples.  Private sessions are offered in a minimum of 8-10, 50 minute sessions. Couples will be encouraged to participate in the number of sessions appropriate for their needs. Deana will assess both your personal and couples needs and make counseling recommendations based on this assessment. These sessions can be scheduled at the convenience of the couple’s personal schedules. The rate is $165 per session. Couples are responsible for paying the $35 fee to take the on line PREPARE/ENRICH®  inventory. Your counselor will set up your inventory registration when the first session is scheduled. In addition to the benefit of having sessions scheduled around your personal scheduling needs, other benefits that private sessions offer include:  flexibility to add and delete themed sessions as needed, flexibility to change the order or emphasis of particular sessions, and opportunity to establish a closer therapeutic relationship with the counselor for additional counseling if needed. Deana Riley, M.S., L.P.C. is also a trained PREPARE/ENRICH Facilitator. Completion of the PREPARE/ENRICH® Program qualifies couples for 50% off discount for their marriage license in the counties that offer this discount for the completion of PreMarital Counseling. Couples will be given a certificate of completion at the end of their workshop/sessions. PREPARE ENRICH® is a registered trademark used with permission. Sessions will be held at Arise Counseling and Coaching in Peachtree City at 1303 Commerce Drive, Peachtree City, GA


Call Deana Riley, M.S., L.P.C. at 770-713-8023

to schedule your Relationship Recharge or Premarital Private Session